About IFF

Who is IFF

The Industry Funds Forum (IFF) is a non-profit, non-political, national incorporated association whose members are the Chief Executive Officers of eighteen (18) of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds (Industry Funds). These funds include multi-industry and industry-specialist, national and state funds.

At the 30 June 2015, IFF members collectively represent over 8.8 million member accounts, 650,000 participating employers and manage over $290 billion in retirement savings.

Role of IFF

IFF is purely dedicated to representing the interests of industry super funds and their members. Whilst not all industry super funds are IFF Members, the forum is representative of the majority. Other organisations such as ISF and ASFA have roles which occasionally overlap issues affecting industry super funds. Where relevant, IFF works closely with these organisations to influence public policy.

  • Association of Superannuation Funds Australia (ASFA)
    • All Sectors
  • Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST)
    • Corporate
    • Government
    • Industry
  • Industry SuperFunds (ISF)

IFF collaborates with AIST and Industry SuperFunds on some projects. IFF represents fund executives whilst AIST represents fund trustees.


IFF’s aim is to influence public policy for the benefit of industry superannuation funds and to advance their benefits and service delivery to industry fund members.


The purpose of IFF as stated in its Rules is:

  • Creating a forum of Industry Superannuation Fund Chief Executive Officers to share information, ideas, views and challenges, as a trusted exchange, to benefit industry superannuation funds and their members;
  • Developing and influencing relevant policy; developing and promoting collaborative strategies and seeking to improve product and service delivery, for the benefit of industry superannuation funds and their members;  and
  • Where appropriate, working in partnership with like-minded organisations working in support of industry superannuation funds.

Joining IFF

Membership is open to the Chief Executive Officer of any Industry Superannuation Fund which satisfies the following criteria:

  • National industry fund sponsored by employers, employer associations, the ACTU and/or relevant unions; or
  • State wide industry funds sponsored by employers, employer associations, the relevant labour council and/or unions; and
  • Such other industry fund sponsored by employers, employer associations and relevant unions which have interests in common with the Industry Superannuation Fund represented by the other Members.