Industry Fund Benefits

Choosing the right super fund could make tens of thousands of dollars difference to the money you have in retirement. It could dramatically impact your lifestyle at a time when you have much more time on your hands. Choosing the fund that’s right for you is a lifelong decision.

Strong Performance

Over the last 10 years the average retail fund has delivered around $16,000 less to their members than the average Industry SuperFund.

Run only to benefit members

The industry SuperFunds shown on this website do not pay commissions to financial advisers, financial planners, agents or insurance companies. They are run only to benefit members. Joining an Industry SuperFund could make a lifetime of difference to your future.

Low Fees

The fees you pay can greatly affect your final retirement payout. On average, Industry SuperFunds charge lower fees than the average retail super fund. An independent study by SuperRatings based on existing fee structures concluded that Industry SuperFunds would return on average $82,941 more (in today’s dollars) than retail super funds over a 40-year working life*. This difference can greatly affect the lifestyle you can lead in your retirement.

No Commissions

Industry SuperFunds do not pay commissions to financial advisers, financial planners, sales agents or insurance companies.

Additional benefits

There are many other reasons to join an Industry SuperFund including, investment choices, good value insurance, financial advice, expert management and more.

Source – Industry SuperFunds